More Than A Bowl Of Ramen

Homemade Noodles, Rich Pork Bone Broth, And Fresh Ingredients



In Japan, Izakaya are side dishes that are freshly made to order often served with Ramen



Our ramen is served with different flavored broth with 24 hours cooked and many different toppings.



We serve different types of sushi with Japanese rice and fresh ingredients

Preparing a Dish

Authentic Food

with our sincerity

As a family-friendly Japanese restaurant, we are focusing on presenting authentic Japanese cuisine to our customers. The satisfaction of customers is our first priority. We do not only provide Ramen and Sushi, but also have some new idea dishes like Ramen Bacon Burger, Peking Duck Bao, and Texans Roll to provide more delightful flavors to our customers.


"The classic broth brings a rich taste."

The owner of Taiko

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